Two-Piece Easton Hockey Sticks

Did you know that Easton employs nanotechnology to make its hockey sticks lightweight, durable, and powerful? In addition, Easton uses corner reinforcement technology to provide additional strength to the shafts of its Stealth hockey sticks without increasing their weight. Stealth hockey sticks from Easton also include features that can improve your performance, like Taper Flex technology.

Since players have different styles, Easton makes several other kinds of hockey sticks in addition to the Stealth series. In the Synergy line of hockey sticks, for example, you’ll find different flex characteristics. From the Focus Flex to the Differential Flex, you can choose the Synergy shaft that is best for you.

Easton Stealth RS2 Composite hockey shafts offer a two-piece design, so you can choose the blade and shaft that are most suited for you. Among the blades you can pair with shafts are the composite blades frequently used by NHL stars like Lidstrom and Taylor Hall. At Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, you can find a large selection of Easton hockey sticks and blades at great prices.

In addition to Easton hockey sticks, we also carry other Easton hockey equipment, including skates, pads, and hockey bags. Not sure what Easton hockey equipment is right for you? Our team can provide you with advice. Call us today at 1.800.828.7496, or email us