Bauer Vapor ADV Stick

The Future Arrives on January 27

Bauer Vapor ADV Stick
Bauer Vapor ADV Stick

Bauer has been protecting one of the biggest secrets in the hockey world and in just a few days they will reveal that secret when they introduce the Vapor ADV stick.

The new Vapor ADV encompasses three years of research which includes 2,000 hours of on-ice testing. This all leads into a very limited release from Bauer, only 3,000 sticks have been built so you’ll need to get to Great Skate early on January 27 to secure your Vapor ADV.

A hallmark of the new stick will be the weight. This will be the lightest stick Bauer has ever released, including the new Vapor 1X Lite which drops in 2018. It’s rumored that the Vapor ADV will weigh in below 400 grams thanks to a new carbon layering method which trims weight but maintains durability.

Of the 12 sticks that each store will have, they will all have the P92 pattern with either a 67, 77 or 87 flex.

The ADV stick is designed to produce even quicker releases than any other stick thanks to a quick release, low kick point that’s become standard on the Vapor line.

Not much else about the stick is known at this point as Bauer has kept nearly every feature under wraps ahead of the January 27 release. What we do know is that the extremely limited release stick has already created a ton of demand and barely anyone has seen what the entire stick will look like.

Circle Saturday, January 27, that’s when the Bauer Vapor ADV hits the shelves at Great Skate. You don’t want to miss your opportunity to score one of the most advanced sticks to hit the market in years.