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Strap a Rocket to the Puck – CCM RBZ Composite stick

CCM RBZ Senior Grip Composite Hockey Stick - 85 Flex
CCM RBZ Senior Grip Composite Hockey Stick – 85 Flex

CCM’s new partnership with golf giant TaylorMade is paying immediate dividends for scorers who are snatching up the new one-piece composite from CCM.

A host of new features and innovations to the stick has made the RBZ a hot item this season as the stick has quickly become a favorite of players everywhere. CCM’s new venture with TaylorMade includes the introduction of Power Swing, Custom Kick Point and Speedblade technology in their new stick.

Designed to compete with the top-end models from companies like Easton (Stealth RS) and Bauer (Vapor APX), the RBZ’s lightweight build keeps it in line with other ultra-light options that have been on the market this year. By comparison, the RBZ weighs in at about 447 grams to the 442 of the featherweight Stealth RS.

The weight and balance of the stick are quite impressive. The center of gravity combined with the lightweight construction contribute to the Power Swing technology with the RBZ.

In addition to the lightweight construction and sleek white matte finish – the sitck camouflages nicely with the boards and ice – the technological features are not just flashy names attached to the same old stick technology.

The Custom Kick Point is a truly innovative feature as the stick has been built with a true flex construction. Rather than having a single kick point at a specific section of the stick, the RBZ’s shaft is consistently stiff at any point. This means that the stick’s flex and kick point will adjust to where you place your hands as a player; guaranteeing a true flex whether you’re looking for a quick release wrist shot or bearing down on a slap shot. Unlike any stick that has come before it, the RBZ adapts to the style you play with thanks to the Custom Kick Point.

The Speedblade technology is perhaps the one piece of technology that most closely parallels what is found in the wildly successful Rocketballz line of drivers and fairway woods manufactured by TaylorMade. Rather than using a traditional foam core construction, TaylorMade pulled directly from their line of drivers to take advantage of C.O.R., or the trampoline effect.

Rather than filling the shaft with foam, which absorbs energy from the puck and thus reduces velocity, the RBZ eliminates foam altogether. The RBZ’s Speedblade is actually constructed with four hollow speed channels that create a hot face for the stick’s blade. This design feature maintains the same durability of a typical composite stick while adding noticeably more control and pop to each shot.

While the RBZ is a fairly new product, those that have had it on the ice have noticed an immediate benefit to their shots as the stick provides more pop thanks to the “hot face”. In addition, the Custom Kick Point allows any player to get the most out of the flex of their particular stick.

Great Skate has the RBZ in stock in a number of different blade patterns so get in now and strap your own rocket to the puck.

CCM Hockey Gloves for Amateur Players

Among the latest CCM hockey gloves to hit the market are the CCM Vector U+ CL. The design of these gloves, like that of other CCM hockey gloves that we carry at Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, offers both performance and protection. For example, the Pittards palms on these gloves are completely breathable, letting moisture escape while resisting water from the ice.

CCM Vector U+ CL 13" Hockey Glove
CCM Vector U+ CL 13″ Hockey Glove
CCM Hockey Gloves
CCM Vector U+ CL 14" Hockey Glove
CCM Vector U+ CL 14″ Hockey Glove
CCM Hockey Gloves
CCM Vector U+ 12 14" Hockey Glove  
CCM Vector U+ 12 14″ Hockey Glove
CCM Hockey Gloves
CCM Vector U+ 08 13" Hockey Glove
CCM Vector U+ 08 13″ Hockey Glove
CCM Hockey Gloves
In addition, the CCM Vector U+ CL Hockey Glove’s give you with a full range of motion. For example, articulated thumbs allow a wide range of motion, as well as preventing hyperextension. For added control over your hockey stick, the CCM Vector U+ Cl gloves include split knuckle construction. The cuffs are also adjustable and conform to the shape and size of your arm.

While the CCM Vector U+ CL hockey gloves are near the top of their line, we also carry affordable CCM hockey gloves that are ideal for those who are just learning the game. The CCM Vector U+ 12 and CCM VEctor U+ 06 hockey gloves are available in a number of sizes. They feature some of the same great features as the higher end gloves but will not break your budget, and you can upgrade as your skill and passion for the game grow.

In addition to CCM hockey gloves, you’ll find all the hockey gear that you need at Great Skate Hockey Supply Company. From helmets and goalie masks to sticks and pads, we offer a large inventory of available products. To find out which CCM hockey gloves are right for your current skill level, call us at 1.800.828.7496, or contact us online at Greatskate@Greatskate.com today.

CCM/Reebok Hockey Equipment for Goalies

CCM is widely regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of hockey equipment. At Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, we offer a large selection of CCM hockey equipment at some of the best prices that you’ll find on the Internet. Whether you are just learning how to play or you play competitively, you can get great deals from us on the hockey equipment that is right for you.

For example, we carry CCM protective hockey equipment for both players and goalies. Shoulder pads like the CCM SP U+ CL offer impact protection for the arms, shoulders, and chest. In addition to being breathable and meeting the highest safety standards, the pads also afford a high degree of mobility.

While goalies may not move across the entire ice, it is important that they be able to move swiftly in front of the net. Reebok goalie hockey equipment, like the Reebok Revoke Goalie Series, is lightweight and extremely durable. In addition to goalie pads, we also have a selection of Reebok goalie sticks, so you can find everything that you need from a single source.

We also have a large selection of Reebok replica hockey jerseys. Buy one for yourself or for someone else that shares your passion for hockey. To find out what CCM hockey equipment is right for you, contact us online at Greatskate@Greatskate.com, or call us at 1.800.828.7496 today.

CCM Vector Helmet

CCM Vector Helmet
CCM Vector V10 Hockey Helmet

In the market for high-performance hockey equipment? Here at Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, we sell a large selection of CCM Vector products, including sticks, ice skates and apparel. A division of Reebok, CCM is becoming one of the hottest brands in hockey, developing premium equipment and protective gear for both players and goalies.

If you’re a hockey player who is driven to succeed, the CCM brand is for you. From your helmet to your skates, you’ll be able to outfit yourself in CCM gear, giving your game an edge and skyrocketing you to a whole new level of hockey. For the competitive player who wants to be the best, nothing beats CCM Vector.

Where to Find the CCM Vector Helmet?

We sell CCM Vector products for both children and adults. The CCM Vector V10 hockey helmet will take your young player to the top of his or her game. We also carry a CCM Vector V08 for adult players.

Lift and lock tool-free length adjustment. For youngsters preparing for the big leagues, this is the helmet will help them get there.

On our website, you’ll find an outlet store, regular sales and the largest inventory of brand name equipment available. So, whether you’re in need of a helmet, pads or goalie gloves, we’re the place to shop. If you have any questions or need help choosing the right helmet for you, please contact us toll-free at (800) 828-7496 or contact us.