Replace the Blades on CCM Ice Skates

A hockey player needs to be as comfortable spending hours in his ice skates as he would be walking in his favorite sneakers. Skates designed for performance will do you little good if your feet tire too quickly when you wear them. At Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, we offer an extensive selection of ice skates that will give you speed, support, and comfort.

CCM Vector U+ CL Sr. Hockey Skate
CCM Ice Skates

CCM Vector U+12Sr. Hockey Skate
CCM Ice Skates
CCM Vector U+ CL Jr. Hockey Skate
CCM Ice Skates

Easton Stealth Stealth RS. Hockey Skate
CCM Ice Skates

For example, CCM Vector U+ CL ice hockey skates provide players with everything they’re looking for in reliable high-performance skates. CCM’s F-I-T System, also used in its hockey helmets, offers each player a customized fit. The Vector U+ skates also have ankle pads and comfortable footbeds, as well as ankle support, so that you can perform at your best.

Replacing your ice hockey skates every season can become costly. One of the advantages of CCM skates is that it is easy to replace the blades on many of them. The CCM E-Blade Pro holder, which you’ll find on some of their skates (including the Vector U+12 and Vector U+06), makes it easy for you to change a worn blade, while also maximizing the transfer of energy between your feet and the skate and between the blades and ice.

Whether you’re an adult playing hockey or you’re buying skates for your child or teenager, there are CCM ice hockey skates that will fit your needs. Many of the styles designed for adults are also available in smaller sizes, and they feature the same advanced construction in all sizes. For help deciding which ice hockey skates are right for you, call us today at 1.800.828.7496, or contact us online

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