Ranking the greatest hockey movies

No hockey road trip is complete without a sturdy collection of go-to movies for a team to watch. From comedies to action movies right on down to hockey-related classics, having a deep library to choose from is always key. Of all the movies that are out there that rely heavily on hockey, these ten stand out to me as the very best.

10. 24/7 Road to the Winter Classic – Not technically a movie, but the HBO miniseries that will be set to return for the 2014 Winter Classic is one of my favorite things about the hockey season. HBO does such a tremendous job with this series that no matter when you might watch it, it will captivate you.

9. The Mighty Ducks – Quack, quack, quack, Mr. Ducksworth. The original Mighty Ducks flick will always hold a special place in the hearts of many hockey players who grew up in the 90s. While the hockey scenes leave something to be desired, the Ducks franchise still earns a spot on this list.

8. D2: The Mighty Ducks – The best of the trio of Might Ducks films, in my opinion. D2 follows the Ducks to the Junior Goodwill Games where they face the mighty hockey nation of Iceland in yet another epic Ducks battle. While none of the Ducks movies have much substance in the hockey department, I prefer this one to the original.

7. Goon – A seriously underrated movie that should probably rank much higher on this list, Goon burst onto the scene in Canada upon its release while enjoying a much softer acceptance in the States. However, the locker room scenes are hilarious and there are some solid one-liners written into the film. It does earn it’s R rating, so show discretion of who you’re viewing it with.

6. Youngblood – A common trend with most hockey movies is that they aren’t exactly family friendly. Youngblood meets that quota in a few categories and is probably now something that many movie fans would chuckle at for some of the hockey scenes and Keanu Reeves’ portrayal of the Mustang’s goalkeeper. Regardless of the throwback nature of this film, give it one viewing to see if it ranks higher for you.

5. Pond Hockey – A documentary made in 2008 that illustrates the outdoor game and all that encompasses it. This is without a doubt, a must-see for any hockey fan or player.

4. Mystery, Alaska – Mystery, Alaska ties in a bit more of the drama component to the plot than most other hockey movies. While there are some good comedic scenes, this one is more about the story and it certainly doesn’t fall short in that category. Fair warning, there are some mature situations in the film, so it may not be the best for youngsters, but still keep this one high in your Netflix queue.

3. The Rocket – Perhaps a movie that isn’t too well known, The Rocket is a flick that is very well done and tells the story of one of the NHL’s most legendary scorers. It’s more than worth the time to watch it and I’m willing to guess that it pulls you right in.

2. Slap Shot – Perhaps the most quotable hockey movie ever created, this classic comedy gave us the Hanson Brothers, foiled knuckles and a fear of Ogie Ogilthorpe. While this one certainly isn’t kid or family friendly, it is a hockey movie that is an absolute must-see.

1. Miracle – As if there was really any doubt to this one. Disney knocked this movie out of the park by not only filming full-speed hockey scenes, but using actors who had strong hockey skills to portray each member of the 1980 Olympic team. The movie itself is very well written and tells a story that every American born hockey player lives to enjoy. One cool fact I learned from a friend in Vancouver; Bill Ranford (who did the Jim Craig action scenes) needed to basically give up on a specific sequence that was supposed to result in a goal because he kept making saves instead of getting scored on.