Cascade M11 Hockey Helmet

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Cascade M11 Hockey Helmet
Cascade M11Hockey Helmet

Hockey is one of the fastest and most exciting games you can play–but in order to preserve the fun, you need to protect yourself. Hockey helmets in particular are essential when you’re on the ice. At Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, we’ve got hockey helmets and other gear that will not only protect you, but also help your game!

The latest creation from hockey powerhouse Cascade is the Messier Project M11 Hockey Helmet. This helmet is built to exceed the safety standards set by the CSA and HECC by 50 percent! It is available in a variety of sizes, so you can get a custom-fit helmet that won’t slip and slide off mid-game. Many players have affirmed that Cascade M11 Hockey helmets leave their scalps feeling cooler than other hockey helmets do.

Another trusted name in hockey helmets is Reebok, maker of the HT11K Hockey helmet. The choice of professional players like Patrice Bergeron, this impressive helmet with a soft cushioned inside feels like a natural extension of your body. The interior Micro-Dial allows you to tighten the helmet to your exact comfort level quickly and easily.

For an added layer of protection, shields and cages are available, sold separately from our hockey helmets. Major manufacturers like Bauer, Mission, Easton, Cascade and Reebok all have shields and cages made to fit their helmets–a must for goalies. Most helmet cages are made from a wire frame with large gaps for improved visibility. Some players choose clear shields, the best of which have a mirrored surface to prevent glare.

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