saucer king

Gongshow Saucer King app

saucer kingPerhaps one of the best parts of playing hockey is the culture that surrounds the game. On and off the ice there is a certain bond that brings hockey players together. That bond is something that specific companies are taking advantage of.

One company in particular is Gongshow Gear Inc. Founded in 2002, Gongshow has quickly become a well-known hockey lifestyle apparel company. The key word is lifestyle. Between hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts, Gongshow has become a go-to for players to advertise their sport. Just a few months ago Gongshow took things a step further when they released their iPhone app called Saucer King.

The app is an interactive version of a beach and yard game that has been working its way into the summer routine of hockey players everywhere. Saucer King is similar to corn hole in terms of scheme, set up and rules but with a heavy hockey influence.

Here is what you need to play:

  • Can be played with one, two or four players
  • Equipment includes: two sticks, a few pucks, two mini stick nets and two boards to shoot from
  • Set the nets a certain distance apart with something set in the middle to “sauce” over
  • Teams stand on opposite ends and attempt to “sauce” the pucks into their opponents net
  • Add larger items to the middle to make scoring more difficult
  • Teams can play to any score that is determined to be appropriate

The game can be played just about anywhere and makes for a great, friendly competition to bring along to the beach, tailgates and other summer parties.

Since many hockey players live in a climate that makes beach life in January somewhat unattractive, the Saucer King app is available for free in the App Store through Apple and is nothing short of extremely challenging and incredibly addicting. The Saucer King app doesn’t only function as a single player game but can be taken to a multiplayer mode to play against players from around the world.

Be sure to check out Saucer King in your backyard, on your phone or both and be the first to introduce part of the hockey lifestyle to your friends. Also check out Great Skate for all the newest gear from Gongshow’s newest line of apparel.