Great Skate Gift Card Promo

Give A Little Bit This Holiday Season

Great Skate Gift Card Promo
Great Skate Gift Card Promo

Great Skate wants to give you a present this year. While supplies last, shoppers will receive an additional $20 gift card with the purchase of a $100 card.

Simply buy online or stop into Great Skate to make your purchase to secure that extra $20 to finish up all of your hockey shopping for the holiday season.

In a world of continually changing designs and features when it comes to hockey sticks, gloves, skates and apparel, a gift card is often the best choice as a gift option. That way the recipient has the freedom to shop around for what they need without the added complication of taking care of a return or an exchange.

Scoring a $100 gift card is going to make any hockey player happy, it will cover the costs of most sticks on the market while taking a big chunk out of the cost for pro-level sticks like the Warrior Covert QRL or the Bauer Vapor 1X. The same goes for gloves as most price point gloves come in at or under the $100 level while pro models are a bit higher but are greatly discounted when applying a $100 gift card. Add another $20 to the mix and you’re in business!

If you so choose, you can utilize that $20 gift card on apparel or accessories. Perhaps a Bauer New Era hat would accompany the $100 gift card well. If you know the gift card will be used on a stick, buying a few rolls of tape is a nice way to help out your recipient as well.

While unwrapping a gift card isn’t the same as unwrapping a stick or new gloves, you can’t go wrong with the freedom of choice a gift card offers. In the end, it really is the perfect holiday gift for the hockey players in your life.

Be sure not to wait until the last minute; there are limited supplies on the bonus gift cards. So buy now to make sure you get that extra $20 while supplies last.