Easton Synergy Hockey Sticks with Three-Rib Design

At Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, we carry the two main lines of hockey sticks produced by Easton: the Stealth and the Mako. We offer the Easton Mako and the Easton Mako M5 hockey sticks, as well as the Easton Stealth RS2, and Easton Stealth 75S. If you are just learning the game, the Mako M1 is a great stick for you to start with.

The Mako M1 is based on the same design as the high end of the Easton Synergy series that is popular among NHL players. Constructed to meet the exacting standards set by Easton, these hockey sticks deliver stellar performance and outstanding value. After mastering the fundamentals of passing, stick handling, and shooting, you may want to consider the Easton Mako to move up to the competitive level.

The Easton Mako blade is constructed using Easton’s Three-Rib design, which adds durability and strength to the part of your hockey stick used most often. Easton Mako hockey sticks build on this design and employ a multi-rib system in constructing the blade. The Easton Mako is also made using Easton’s carbon nanotube technology, so you get a light hockey stick that does not sacrifice strength or durability.

As with many of the hockey sticks that you’ll find in our inventory, you can choose the blade pattern that is best for how you play. If you need any assistance, our extremely knowledgeable staff can answer any questions that you have. Contact us today at 1.800.828.7496, or email us at Greatskate@Greatskate.com to place an order or ask questions.