Easton Stealth Hockey Sticks with Hydrophobic Coating

While hockey can trace its history back several centuries, hockey sticks were primarily made from wood until fairly recently. In the 1980s, Easton introduced an aluminum ice hockey stick. In subsequent years, ice hockey sticks were made with increasing frequency from fiberglass and other composite materials.

Today, Easton is again paving the way with its TORX technology, which is used in their Stealth hockey sticks. In addition to their TORX construction, which makes the sticks both resilient and flexible, Easton Stealth RS2 hockey sticks are precision molded, ensuring consistency across the line. The tapered flex design also provides a low kick point, minimizing the amount of potential energy that is lost and leading to a stronger shot.

If you want added control, consider the Stealth Grip hockey sticks from Easton. The Stealth Grip also incorporates a hydrophobic coating on the shaft of the stick. As a result, you minimize the chance that your hands will slip when you need complete control over your hockey stick.

In addition to the Easton Stealth hockey sticks for juniors and adults, Great Skate Hockey Supply Company also carries Easton’s Synergy hockey sticks. We also offer great prices on all essential hockey equipment, and we have a knowledgeable sales staff to guide you through selection. To find out which Easton hockey stick is right for you, contact us at Greatskate@Greatskate.com, or call 1.800.828.7496 today.