Easton Skates in All Sizes

Sometimes the difference between a close call and a big win all comes down to the right gear. At Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, we always want you to have just what you need to make that hat trick or winning block. We’ve got the best selection of the hottest Easton skates in all the latest models, as well as the classics that you may have worn and loved.

Take the Easton Stealth RS Hockey Skate, for example. It’s a revolution in comfort. The skate’s heat-molded body shapes to your foot as you play, giving you the ultimate sense of control. This is the skate of choice for pro players like Ryan Malone, and Brad Richards.

If you want all the performance of the Stealth RSwith a slightly more relaxed fit, the Easton Stealth RS Hockey Skate may suit you. Featuring hydrophobic “shock doctor” footbeds, these skates have amazing friction control, giving you a smooth, fast ride across the ice. The body is completely heat moldable, which is perfect for players who like to customize their skates as much as possible.

We carry Easton skates in all sizes from junior to senior. In addition to skates, we carry all the hot Easton gear, as well as great products from Bauer, CCM, Reebok, Mission, and more. For help in choosing all the right gear to fit your hockey lifestyle, contact us atGreatskate@Greatskate.com or at 1.800.828.7496.