CCM/Reebok Hockey Equipment for Goalies

CCM is widely regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of hockey equipment. At Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, we offer a large selection of CCM hockey equipment at some of the best prices that you’ll find on the Internet. Whether you are just learning how to play or you play competitively, you can get great deals from us on the hockey equipment that is right for you.

For example, we carry CCM protective hockey equipment for both players and goalies. Shoulder pads like the CCM SP U+ CL offer impact protection for the arms, shoulders, and chest. In addition to being breathable and meeting the highest safety standards, the pads also afford a high degree of mobility.

While goalies may not move across the entire ice, it is important that they be able to move swiftly in front of the net. Reebok goalie hockey equipment, like the Reebok Revoke Goalie Series, is lightweight and extremely durable. In addition to goalie pads, we also have a selection of Reebok goalie sticks, so you can find everything that you need from a single source.

We also have a large selection of Reebok replica hockey jerseys. Buy one for yourself or for someone else that shares your passion for hockey. To find out what CCM hockey equipment is right for you, contact us online at, or call us at 1.800.828.7496 today.