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CCM helmets boom in popularity

CCM Hockey Helmets
This shot of the Maple Leafs’ bench shows all but three players wearing a CCM model helmet

Laying claim to the most popular piece of equipment in the NHL is no easy feat. With players using custom models – and even some prototypes – determining the most widely used piece of equipment might not be the easiest task.

However, just look up and down any NHL bench and you’ll see one obvious trend; more players in the world’s best league are using CCM helmets. In fact, I reached out to CCM on Twitter and found out the V08 model is the one that has become the most popular helmet in the NHL

The CCM shell design meets all the requirements that players look for. It has a narrow, low-profile look with plenty of ventilation and an overall design that passes the ever important mirror test. All of CCM’s helmets have a similar shell design, but only the VECT and V08 models use the same ventilation layout and on-the-fly adjustment tabs.

In fact, CCM’s helmets sport 19 total vents in various areas of the helmets to ensure maximum airflow for the wearer. The vent layout on the front of the helmet has a somewhat futuristic look to it that adds some attitude to the look of the shell.

What might be interesting to hear is the fact that the V08 has more popularity amongst professionals than the VECT model. However, the liner foam in the V08 is made up of dual-density VN foam that has long been wildly popular at the pro ranks. This type of liner is used by all manufacturers and although it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the liners used in each company’s top helmet model, it is extremely comfortable despite some of the technical shortcomings

CCM’s VECT model uses EPP foam with memory foam padding at strategic points in the liner. This combination provides excellent protection and actually offers some improvements over the traditional VN foam liner in the V08 model (CCM’s V06 model also uses the EPP and memory foam combo). When it comes down to choosing one model over the other the determination comes down to comfort.

What shouldn’t be ignored are the safety and comfort of the EPP and memory foam found on the VECT model. As someone who has used helmets that utilize both a traditional VN foam liner and the more advanced EPP with memory foam pads, I’m not sure if there is a clear favorite.

Amongst the numerous helmets I’ve donned are a Bauer 4500 and 5100 (current) along with a RBK 8K which, at the time, was their top model.

The 8K had the EPP and memory foam combo and was extremely comfortable to wear. The specific design of that helmet allowed for a lot of airflow and the memory foam pads were strategically positioned for maximum comfort. Much like my old 8K, I’m certain that the VECT liner construction will offer the same comfort if you should choose to make it your next purchase.

The main issue many have is that the EPP and memory foam combination doesn’t always feel as comfortable for all wearers. That is the beauty of the VN foam liner. It is a generic liner that cushions your head no matter what comfort level you’re seeking. While the foam doesn’t have the same properties as memory foam, the sweat and heat produced during play will help to break in the foam and it will end up molding to your head over time.

I’d have to say that if tasked with choosing a new helmet that a model with VN foam would be what I’d purchase. However, that shouldn’t direct you or anyone else from the protective qualities that a model, like the VECT, with EPP foam has. Ultimately it is all about finding the delicate balance between comfort and

Composite Mini Sticks

Bauer Vapor APX Mini Stick
Manufacturers bring top-end sticks to childhood favorite


Manufacturers bring top-end sticks to childhood favorite

Knee hockey is one of the numerous things that makes hockey what it is. Not many sports have a portable, miniature version that can be played just about anywhere.

Just think back to travel tournaments and the countless hotel hallways you were expelled from when playing knee hockey. Knee hockey just happens to be a portion of hockey culture that makes our sport so incredibly unique.

Not unlike the full size version of the sport, knee hockey has seen a number of advances in recent years. Manufacturers now make miniature nets (not necessarily a new development) which inevitably saves desks, tables, chairs and hallway radiators from the beating that comes along with the game. In addition, the days of dipping your straight-blade plastic stick in boiling water to create a curve are over. Now you can choose a mini stick from a plethora of choices that are near mirror images to the full size sticks made by hockey’s biggest manufacturers.

Warrior, Bauer, CCM, Reebok and Sher-Wood all have created their own composite mini sticks complete with curves and identical design patterns to that of the full size retail sticks you use on the ice. What these sticks do is add a little style and extra performance to a rec-room or travel tournament classic.

Reebok not only has a mini composite version of their new 20K stick, they also introduced a composite goal stick that is patterned after the 11K composite goal stick that is being used throughout the NHL – this follows previous miniature versions of the O-Stick and A.I.9. CCM also produced a mini composite of their premier stick with a mini RBZ. Like the 20K, the mini RBZ also sports the same markings and art that the top model does – although it doesn’t provide some of the technological advances that the full size stick does.

Both CCM and Reebok have their own net models as well which can be set up in your basement or rec room to add even more of an ice element to each knee game.

Bauer actually has a Vapor APX and TotalOne NXG for you to choose from while Sher-Wood’s collection spans the entire NHL. So, for those of you who are nostalgic for the straight plastic, team-branded sticks of the past, perhaps the Sher-Wood team models would provide a nice transition.

While I can’t attest if the composite mini sticks can add performance to your knee hockey game as their full-size cousins do for ice hockey, I can say they bring a cool wrinkle to a game that you should never need an excuse to play.

I, for one, am seriously considering setting up a knee hockey rink as part of my man cave in the very near future.

Easton Mako protective line reinforces Easton as a trendsetter

Easton Mako Shoulder Pads
Easton Mako Shoulder Pad

Easton Mako protective line reinforces Easton as a trendsetter

Easton entered 2013 fresh off a year in which the Stealth RS and Mako sticks made a big splash on the hockey world.

In terms of aesthetics alone, the Mako and Stealth’s clean look were monster hits with hockey players everywhere. The weight and performance of each stick brought them to the top of the heap when comparing the products that hit the market in 2012.

Easton’s prowess in stick making is well documented, going all the way back to the Synergy. In addition previous skate and glove lines have maintained impressive staying power in the hockey world. This year, the foremost leader in stick technology has taken a new and aggressive approach with their protetive equipment.

Brand new lines that bear the Stealth and Mako names are to be released and they both bring a new wrinkle to what options players have to wear underneath their uniform.

Both the Stealth and Mako lines feature a design rooted in maintaining a full range of motion for the wearer. The shoulder pads in particular focus on this with Easton’s Segmented FRM. However, that is where most of the comparisons will end.

While the elbow pads and pants for both lines share nearly identical traits, the shoulder pads and shin guards differ in many ways. The true variance is with the Mako line which has brought forth a number of new features and benefits as the Stealth protective gear is far more traditional in terms of features and design.

The new Mako shoulder pads is designed to provide an equally protective pad while utilizing lightweight and free moving design. This is accomplished with the new Conic Body Fit design feature which uses an asymmetric, cross-body closure and corresponding straps that adjust the entire unit.

The Conic Body Fit allows for almost an unobstructed range of motion for the player with a design that hinges around your back as opposed to over your shoulders. In addition to hinging in the back, the unit is built more like a shirt and less like a shawl (for lack of a better term). These two features minimizes the typical restrictions in twisting and rotating that a traditional shoulder pad – one that drapes you’re your shoulders – would have.

By providing a shoulder pad that fits and reacts in unison with your body, Easton is improving upon a method of maximizing protection (which this unit does) without limiting mobility.

The same type of features are found in the new Mako shin pad. Easton spent a great deal of time redeveloping the knee system in the pad in order to focus the center of gravity on that location while improving on the anatomical support.

In the same way that the Conic Body Fit system is designed to react to your upper body’s natural movement, the new anatomic knee on the shin guard is designed to move in unison with the natural bend of your knee.

Easton’s three-piece design incorporates a stiff, thick primary shin guard that covers an injected calf wrap which provides flexible wrap-around protection for the wearer.

What is particularly impressive about the Mako line is that a majority of the design features can be found with every model. This is not a protective line that leaves out features as you hit certain price points. While weight and performance will be limited when comparing the M3 to the Mako, the Conic Body Fit and other features aren’t ignored.

This – along with the Stealth – is an impressive line that shouldn’t be ignored the next time you’re at Great Skate shopping for protective equipment.

Get in to win a free pair of Easton Mako Ice Hockey Skates

Easton Mako Ice Hockey Skate
Get in to win a free pair of Easton Mako Ice Hockey Skates

The clean lines and styling of the Easton Mako Ice Hockey Skate are features that have made this one of the most popular skates models in all levels of hockey. Now Easton and Great Skate have teamed up for a contest to award one lucky player a brand new pair of Easton Mako Ice Hockey Skates.

In order to enter the contest, go to the Great Skate Facebook page, like us and enter your information for the contest.

In a world of stiff boots that lack anatomical characteristics and restrict movement, we believe in a new sense of freedom, performance and the Art of Speed by creating a skate that optimizes natural movement.

The push direction Asymmetrical patterns allow the skates to fall in line with direction of travel to generate speed and power through cornering. This not only looks great but keeps the skate performance high.

As mentioned, the fit of these skates gives a full range of motion to the foot, ultimately maximizing the Art of Speed and natural movements. Easton took the time to alter the skate this season in hopes of increasing the range of motion for a player while also maintaining the comfort and protection that has been an hallmark of these skates for sometime.

You can come into Great Skate and try on a pair and feel the difference for yourself.

Easton Mako II Composite Hockey Stick – QUICK HANDS EQUALS SPEED

Easton Mako II Composite Hockey Stick – QUICK HANDS EQUALS SPEED

Easton Mako II Composite Hockey Stick
Easton Mako II Composite Hockey Stick

The Mako 2 replaces the original Mako starting off with the shaft that is lighter than the original Easton Mako, and it’s slightly concave with texture using uni-directional fibers which make it stronger and lighter. The Blade has been lightened as well, and the ribs are actually shifted a bit upward increasing the area where puck meets blade.

Having said this when we tried out the new Easton Mako II the puck come off the blade really hot, makes for a better and a softer feel of the puck. Not only did Easton get this stick right but it has great color features by going back to the original black blade and keeping with tradition with the white shaft. If you would like to test this stick out and find out for yourself the difference please stop by our retail location and test the new Easton Mako II out in out shooting room. If you need help finding the right stick for yourself and can’t make it in please call us at 1-800-828-7496 or email us at

Easton Synergy Hockey Sticks with Three-Rib Design

At Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, we carry the two main lines of hockey sticks produced by Easton: the Stealth and the Mako. We offer the Easton Mako and the Easton Mako M5 hockey sticks, as well as the Easton Stealth RS2, and Easton Stealth 75S. If you are just learning the game, the Mako M1 is a great stick for you to start with.

The Mako M1 is based on the same design as the high end of the Easton Synergy series that is popular among NHL players. Constructed to meet the exacting standards set by Easton, these hockey sticks deliver stellar performance and outstanding value. After mastering the fundamentals of passing, stick handling, and shooting, you may want to consider the Easton Mako to move up to the competitive level.

The Easton Mako blade is constructed using Easton’s Three-Rib design, which adds durability and strength to the part of your hockey stick used most often. Easton Mako hockey sticks build on this design and employ a multi-rib system in constructing the blade. The Easton Mako is also made using Easton’s carbon nanotube technology, so you get a light hockey stick that does not sacrifice strength or durability.

As with many of the hockey sticks that you’ll find in our inventory, you can choose the blade pattern that is best for how you play. If you need any assistance, our extremely knowledgeable staff can answer any questions that you have. Contact us today at 1.800.828.7496, or email us at to place an order or ask questions.

Easton Stealth Hockey Sticks with Hydrophobic Coating

While hockey can trace its history back several centuries, hockey sticks were primarily made from wood until fairly recently. In the 1980s, Easton introduced an aluminum ice hockey stick. In subsequent years, ice hockey sticks were made with increasing frequency from fiberglass and other composite materials.

Today, Easton is again paving the way with its TORX technology, which is used in their Stealth hockey sticks. In addition to their TORX construction, which makes the sticks both resilient and flexible, Easton Stealth RS2 hockey sticks are precision molded, ensuring consistency across the line. The tapered flex design also provides a low kick point, minimizing the amount of potential energy that is lost and leading to a stronger shot.

If you want added control, consider the Stealth Grip hockey sticks from Easton. The Stealth Grip also incorporates a hydrophobic coating on the shaft of the stick. As a result, you minimize the chance that your hands will slip when you need complete control over your hockey stick.

In addition to the Easton Stealth hockey sticks for juniors and adults, Great Skate Hockey Supply Company also carries Easton’s Synergy hockey sticks. We also offer great prices on all essential hockey equipment, and we have a knowledgeable sales staff to guide you through selection. To find out which Easton hockey stick is right for you, contact us at, or call 1.800.828.7496 today.

Easton Skates in All Sizes

Sometimes the difference between a close call and a big win all comes down to the right gear. At Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, we always want you to have just what you need to make that hat trick or winning block. We’ve got the best selection of the hottest Easton skates in all the latest models, as well as the classics that you may have worn and loved.

Take the Easton Stealth RS Hockey Skate, for example. It’s a revolution in comfort. The skate’s heat-molded body shapes to your foot as you play, giving you the ultimate sense of control. This is the skate of choice for pro players like Ryan Malone, and Brad Richards.

If you want all the performance of the Stealth RSwith a slightly more relaxed fit, the Easton Stealth RS Hockey Skate may suit you. Featuring hydrophobic “shock doctor” footbeds, these skates have amazing friction control, giving you a smooth, fast ride across the ice. The body is completely heat moldable, which is perfect for players who like to customize their skates as much as possible.

We carry Easton skates in all sizes from junior to senior. In addition to skates, we carry all the hot Easton gear, as well as great products from Bauer, CCM, Reebok, Mission, and more. For help in choosing all the right gear to fit your hockey lifestyle, contact us or at 1.800.828.7496.

Two-Piece Easton Hockey Sticks

Did you know that Easton employs nanotechnology to make its hockey sticks lightweight, durable, and powerful? In addition, Easton uses corner reinforcement technology to provide additional strength to the shafts of its Stealth hockey sticks without increasing their weight. Stealth hockey sticks from Easton also include features that can improve your performance, like Taper Flex technology.

Since players have different styles, Easton makes several other kinds of hockey sticks in addition to the Stealth series. In the Synergy line of hockey sticks, for example, you’ll find different flex characteristics. From the Focus Flex to the Differential Flex, you can choose the Synergy shaft that is best for you.

Easton Stealth RS2 Composite hockey shafts offer a two-piece design, so you can choose the blade and shaft that are most suited for you. Among the blades you can pair with shafts are the composite blades frequently used by NHL stars like Lidstrom and Taylor Hall. At Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, you can find a large selection of Easton hockey sticks and blades at great prices.

In addition to Easton hockey sticks, we also carry other Easton hockey equipment, including skates, pads, and hockey bags. Not sure what Easton hockey equipment is right for you? Our team can provide you with advice. Call us today at 1.800.828.7496, or email us

Easton Hockey Pants, Featuring Spine Tec and SPS

If you’ll be skating up and down the ice for all three periods of the game, having a comfortable pair of hockey pants is essential. With high quality hockey pants, you can direct your energy toward moving across the ice rather than fighting against your gear and itching from perspiration. Hockey pants also offer necessary protection from falls and hits.

Easton Stealth RS Sr. Hockey Pants
Easton Stealth RS Sr. Hockey Pants
Easton Hockey Pants
Easton Synergy ST10 Hockey Girdle
Easton Synergy ST10 Hockey Girdle
Easton Hockey Pants
Easton Synergy EQ50 Sr. Hockey Pants  
Easton Synergy EQ50 Sr. Hockey Pants 
Easton Hockey Pants
Easton Synergy EQ30 Sr. Hockey Pants
Easton Synergy EQ30 Sr. Hockey Pants
Easton Hockey Pants
If you’re looking for the latest in hockey pants for superior comfort and protection, look no further than Easton Stealth RSs. Used by many professional hockey players, these pants offer a full range of motion thanks to Easton’s Freedom of Movement system. The RS’s Vent Air system, combined with its Bio-Dri liner, will keep you dry and comfortable.

Easton Synergy hockey pants also offer considerable protection. Two unique systems used in Easton Stealth RS pants are Spine Tec and the Segmented Protection System (SPS). Because the lower back can be a vulnerable region, the Spine Tec system, which is also used on Easton Synergy EQ30 hockey pants, disperses any impact to this area to minimize potential damage.

SPS allows for a high degree of protection without compromising movement. In addition to these models of Easton hockey pants, we have several others from which you can choose at Great Skate Hockey Supply Company.

Shop all Easton Hockey Pants.