APX 2 is at the cutting edge of skate design

The 2013 skate line for Bauer features three options to choose from based on your playing style and skate preference. For those loyal to the Vapor line, they will not be disappointed with the APX 2.

While the look and performance of the APX 2 will not differ much from pervious Vapor models, there are new features on the skate that truly separates the APX 2 from other models in the Vapor line and from other manufacturers.

Most notably is the Curv composite upper that utilizes an x-rib design for a ridged structure throughout the most vital portions of the boot. Not only does this design allow for maximum stability but it also has allowed Bauer to increase the angle at which the boot is built. The aggressive angle the boot is built on provides an impressive forward flex for those wearing the skate.

The APX 2 also sports an impressive felt tongue that is much different from the thin, low-profile tongue designs that were prevalent on previous Vapor models. This not only provides for a more comfortable fit against lace bite, but also gives more room to fold the tongue down for that pro look.

The Bauer APX 2 also has a particularly interesting addition for replacing broken or old blades. Rather than pulling out the sole and footbed to get to the steel hardware, the APX 2 has introduced a “trigger system” that allows steel to be taken out and replaced in mere seconds.

The trigger replacement system is part of the TUUK LS Fusion blade and TUUK Lightspeed Edge blade and holder system that is part of the new skate. In fact, the Lightspeed Edge feature can be found on all but one of the Vapor models this season.

The main differences between the APX 2 and the rest of the Vapor line come in the comfort and moisture wicking features on the inside of the skate. The Form-Fit footbed and Hydra-Max 2 liner system are exclusive to the APX 2 whereas the rest of the line mades due with similar, but less evolved features.

One of the things Bauer does best is providing a pro-level skate (APX 2) that is virtually unrivaled across the board while finding ways to fit many of their top model’s features through the rest of the line. When consulting a Great Skate sales associate, be sure to notice that the X 100, 90 and other models do sport many of the impressive and progressive features of the Bauer APX 2 skate that will be worn throughout the NHL and other elite levels this year.