Easton Mako II Composite Hockey Stick – QUICK HANDS EQUALS SPEED

Easton Mako II Composite Hockey Stick – QUICK HANDS EQUALS SPEED

Easton Mako II Composite Hockey Stick
Easton Mako II Composite Hockey Stick

The Mako 2 replaces the original Mako starting off with the shaft that is lighter than the original Easton Mako, and it’s slightly concave with texture using uni-directional fibers which make it stronger and lighter. The Blade has been lightened as well, and the ribs are actually shifted a bit upward increasing the area where puck meets blade.

Having said this when we tried out the new Easton Mako II the puck come off the blade really hot, makes for a better and a softer feel of the puck. Not only did Easton get this stick right but it has great color features by going back to the original black blade and keeping with tradition with the white shaft. If you would like to test this stick out and find out for yourself the difference please stop by our retail location and test the new Easton Mako II out in out shooting room. If you need help finding the right stick for yourself and can’t make it in please call us at 1-800-828-7496 or email us at greatskate@greatskate.com

Help Your Kids Train with the Best Kids Hockey Equipment

Bauer Supreme ONE.6 Youth Ice Hockey Skates
Bauer Supreme ONE.6 Youth Ice Hockey Skates

Hockey requires quite a bit of equipment from sticks to skates to pads and gloves. It can be confusing and expensive, trying to decide just what equipment you need to get for the child that loves hockey. Luckily, at Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, we’ve got a full range of kids hockey equipment at great prices, along with lots of expert advice.

The first piece of hockey equipment you should buy is the skate. Now your kids can use the same skates their favorite pro players do, because we have them in perfect junior fits. We’ve got all the hot brand name skates, including the Bauer Vapor APXs. These lightweight form-fitting skates will improve your child’s game, and they are especially designed to give healthy support to growing feet.

What your kids wear is just as important as the hockey equipment they use. Hockey is a game of speed and quick moves, so players have to wear pants that are particularly light and flexible. The perfect pair of hockey bottoms will be made from a tight-fitting yet stretchy material–ideally a rayon/spandex/polyester blend. The bottoms keep legs safe and warm without adding weight or bulk. We carry professional-grade junior fit hockey pants from brand names like Bauer that you know and trust.

An appropriate helmet is absolutely essential as well. That’s why we stock helmets specifically designed for junior-sized players, along with other protective gear such as shields, knee pads and gloves.

Whatever hockey equipment your kids need, you’ll find it at Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, call toll free at 1.800.828.7496, or visit us at www.greatskate.com.

Foot Support from Bauer Supreme Hockey Skates

Bauer Vapor APX Sr. Ice Hockey Skates
Bauer Vapor APX Senior Ice Hockey Skates

Bauer is one of the most trusted names in sports Hockey. Bauer Vapor hockey skates are the skates most sought after by the pros, and you can now get your own from Great Skate Hockey Supply Company. We carry all of the latest Bauer models at discounted prices that can’t be beat.

Take a look at the Bauer Vapor APX skates we sell, for example. These monster hockey skates were made with speed and comfort in mind. They’ve been anatomically fitted to flex around your foot, so they’re perfect for making sharp turns with ease. You’ll never be at a loss for speed because the super-light mesh material doesn’t weigh you down, and the ribbed structure of the skate is especially aerodynamic.

Bauer Supreme TotalONE NXG Sr. Ice Hockey Skates
Bauer Supreme TotalONE NXG Sr. Ice Hockey Skates

A modern marvel on the ice, Bauer Supreme TotalONE NXG skates bring hockey to a whole new level. Proper foot support is the key to any great hockey player’s game. The Bauer Supreme TotalONE NXG skates feature patented heel and ankle support, specifically designed to relieve anatomical stress. Plus, the skate’s quick-dry inside lining also ensures that you’ll never be putting your foot into a wet skate.

We carry Bauer Vapor skates in both junior, youth and adult sizes, so no matter what league you’re in, we’ve got a skate for you. Whether you’re looking for the cutting-edge design of the Bauer Vapor APX or the classic comfort of an Bauer Supreme TotalONE NXG, you’ll get the lowest prices in North America from us!

Get the gear you need to enjoy hockey to the fullest at Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, call toll free at 1.800.828.7496, or visit us at www.greatskate.com.

Hockey Training Equipment for Goalies

Bauer Supreme ONE80 Senior Goalie Skates
Bauer Supreme ONE80 Sr. Goalie Skates

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in North America, and every year more and more kids want to get involved. Luckily, there is a lot of hockey training equipment that will not only help you with your game, but will protect you as you learn. At Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, we have everything you need to start training like a hockey pro. In fact, we sell equipment from all the major brand names in the industry, like Bauer, Reebok, CCM and Easton.

Hockey skates are different from ice skates you may have used in the past because they are designed for speed, durability, and flexibility. When searching for hockey training equipment, look for skates that are made from lightweight material that conforms to your foot. Beginning players may want a skate that is slightly heavier with a thicker toe stop for better control.

Anyone playing goalie is going to need a few different pieces of specialized training equipment. The goalie must stop the puck from entering his net at any cost, including by blocking it with his body. We carry affordable but reliable and protective goalie gear such as helmets, face guards, gloves, and chest plates. Most of the goalie training equipment we stock is available in adult and junior sizes.

You also have to find a stick that you’re comfortable with in order to learn the game. For hockey training, you may want a Kevlar-enhanced stick such as the Easton Stealth RS Grip. These sticks have slip-free grips and are more durable than the average stick.

If you need assistance buying or choosing hockey training equipment, call toll free at 1.800.828.7496, or visit us at www.greatskate.com.

Hockey Stick Bags to Protect Your Gear

Easton Stealth S19 Hockey Stick Bag
Easton Stealth S19 Hockey Stick Bag

Hockey is a competitive sport, so most school or community teams will travel to play other teams, just like the pros do. That means players have to carry a lot of gear and fragile equipment around, including hockey sticks. At Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, we’ve got hockey stick bags that will make traveling as easy on you and your equipment as possible.

Basic hockey stick bags, like the Easton Stealth RS stick bag, are designed to fit snugly around your stick. An optimal bag will have a shoulder strap that allows you to easily carry the bag over your shoulder or across your back. Nylon bags will prevent scratching or other blade damage that could hurt your game play.

For the player who really cares about his stick, Easton Stealth bags are a great option. Specifically designed for the Easton Stealth hockey stick, this bag’s best feature is an external blade pocket. The pocket is padded for an extra layer of protection during travel. This is the stick bag to get if you often find yourself checking your sticks on a plane or having to stow them below a bus.

Aside from hockey stick bags, we carry a full line of bags for the rest of your gear. Perfect for players on a school team, the Easton Stealth RS backpack has pouches on either side for skates, a front pouch for pucks and accessories, and a hidden security compartment. Plus, there’s still room inside for homework!

For more information on the hockey stick and gear bags we carry, give us a call toll free at 1.800.828.7496, or visit us at www.greatskate.com.

Hockey Shoulder Pads for Serious Players

Bauer Nexus 1000 Sr. Shoulder Pads
Bauer Nexus 1000 Sr. Shoulder Pads

There’s no denying that hockey can be rough on the body. Players are constantly moving at high speeds, sometimes colliding with walls, sticks, each other, or even referees! Hockey shoulder pads, which often extend down to the chest, are designed to protect you without interfering with your game. At Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, we have the pads and gear that your favorite hockey players already rely on.

Bauer has one of the most advanced protective gear lines ever produced. The Bauer Supreme series, in particular, is made from high-density foam plates that can withstand hard impact–but the pads remain light and won’t slow you down. Each layer of the shoulder pad is adjustable for maneuverability and comfort. Finally, an interior moisture control system helps keep you dry, even as you head into overtime.

If you play seriously, you might want to invest in Bauer Nexus 1000 shoulder pads. These hockey shoulder pads are lined with memory foam that conforms to your body. They are crafted in segments that allow for superior mobility and are coated with an advanced moisture-management fabric that draws moisture away so you can stay comfortable.

At Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, we carry hockey shoulder pads for adults and junior players. Whether you’re shopping for a professional piece of hockey gear or you’re trying out your first pair of skates, we have everything you need to get the most out of your time on the ice.

If you have any questions about gear, call toll free at 1.800.828.7496, or visit us at www.greatskate.com.

Hockey Shin Guards for Young Players

Bauer Vapor Lil Rookie Yth. Shin Guards
Bauer Vapor Lil Rookie Yth. Shin Guards

In hockey, impact and stress don’t only occur when you crash into something (or someone), but with each shift your legs make. In order to propel forward, a player shifts his weight constantly and puts a lot of pressure on his legs. That’s why it’s vital that a player wear proper hockey protective gear, like shin guards. At Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, we have the latest shin guards from the brands the pros trust.

A great set of hockey shin guards should function like body armor. That’s exactly the thinking behind the design of the Bauer Vapor series. The outer shells were created for long-lasting durability, while the overall design stresses versatility. Adjustable at almost every point, Bauer Vapor APX shin guards adapt to any size player, adult or junior, in any position with any style of play!

At Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, we encourage young hockey enthusiasts to get out on the ice as soon as they can. That’s why it’s not surprising that we carry hockey shin guards from Easton designed especially for junior players. The Lil Rookie shin guard has a comfortable, anatomically supportive design with extended calf and knee protection. This is the perfect shin guard for a player just starting out who needs protection but also wants the comfort of well-designed gear.

In addition to shin guards, we carry all the essential types of protective hockey gear, from shoulder pads to mouth guards. We want everyone who plays to be safe while enjoying the thrills of hockey.

If you have any questions about the gear you might need, call toll free at 1.800.828.7496, or visit us at www.greatskate.com.

Protective Hockey Referee Equipment

CCM Pro Referee Jersey 160
CCM Pro Referee Jersey 160

At times, the referee is the most important figure on the ice, making calls and ensuring fair play. Just like the players, a hockey referee needs gear that will let him move around the ice quickly and safely. Fortunately, Great Skate Hockey Supply Company carries everything a referee could need.

The bold black and white stripes of a hockey referee’s uniform make him easy to spot. In a fast-paced game, however, it can’t hurt to for the ref to have a little extra flair on his uniform and equipment. Our referee uniforms include snaps on the arms where orange reflective armbands can be attached for extra visibility to coaches, players, and fans.

Hockey can, at times, be a pretty rough sport, and it’s at those times that a referee usually has to be in the heat of the action. Just as the players need protective equipment, so does the referee. We carry leg and shin guards, elbow pads, and protective girdles especially for refs, alongside standard protective gear and helmets.

Of course, the one piece of equipment a hockey referee absolutely can’t be without is a whistle! We carry those, too, along with an equipment bag designed for the traveling ref, complete with separate sections for skates so they won’t damage other gear.

For more information about our Referee Equipment, call toll free at 1.800.828.7496, or visit us at www.greatskate.com.

Hockey Helmets

Cascade M11 Hockey Helmet
Cascade M11Hockey Helmet

Hockey is one of the fastest and most exciting games you can play–but in order to preserve the fun, you need to protect yourself. Hockey helmets in particular are essential when you’re on the ice. At Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, we’ve got hockey helmets and other gear that will not only protect you, but also help your game!

The latest creation from hockey powerhouse Cascade is the Messier Project M11 Hockey Helmet. This helmet is built to exceed the safety standards set by the CSA and HECC by 50 percent! It is available in a variety of sizes, so you can get a custom-fit helmet that won’t slip and slide off mid-game. Many players have affirmed that Cascade M11 Hockey helmets leave their scalps feeling cooler than other hockey helmets do.

Another trusted name in hockey helmets is Reebok, maker of the HT11K Hockey helmet. The choice of professional players like Patrice Bergeron, this impressive helmet with a soft cushioned inside feels like a natural extension of your body. The interior Micro-Dial allows you to tighten the helmet to your exact comfort level quickly and easily.

For an added layer of protection, shields and cages are available, sold separately from our hockey helmets. Major manufacturers like Bauer, Mission, Easton, Cascade and Reebok all have shields and cages made to fit their helmets–a must for goalies. Most helmet cages are made from a wire frame with large gaps for improved visibility. Some players choose clear shields, the best of which have a mirrored surface to prevent glare.

For more information on our hockey helmets, call toll free at 1.800.828.7496, or visit us at www.greatskate.com.

Wide Selection of Goalie Pads Available

Reebok Larceny L9 Sr. Goalie Pads
Reebok Larceny L9 Sr. Goalie Pads

While goalies don’t have to move a considerable distance across the ice, they do need to be nimble between the posts. With lightweight goalie pads, goalies can block a larger fraction of the net. In addition, goalie pads provide players with necessary protection from the ice and from incoming pucks.

Reebok P4 Goalie Series from Reebok are among the best goalie pads available. These lightweight pads are designed to offer increased flexibility and reduced fatigue. With these pads, goalies can easily go down to their knees to block a shot and get back up without missing a beat.

For added comfort, Reebok Larceny L9 Sr. Goalie Pads are made with memory foam so the pads conform to the contours of a goalie’s legs. At Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, we have a wide selection of goalie pads in many different styles. Many of the goalie pads we carry, like Vaughn Vision GP9450 and Reebok P4 Sr. Goalie Pads, include a boot channel for increased protection.

In addition to having a large selection of goalie pads, we also have the hockey bags necessary for you to carry your equipment. Our goalie bags, like the ReFlex 9 goalie bag from Bauer, can help you organize your accessories, skates, and pads.

For help deciding which goalie pads are right for your size and level of play, call toll free at 1.800.828.7496, or visit us at www.greatskate.com.